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iC3DsFX logo - 3D Holographic Projection Specialists

Experts in the application of Pepper's Ghost, 3D holographic projection & special effects imaging technology

Applications of glasses free 3D tech include; Exhibitions, conferences, product launches, experiential events, point of sales, instore, window displays and foyer displays, shopping mall, railway, airport, museum and night club installations

iC3DsFX's offering includes a number of exciting, and different  "glasses free" 3D technologies and 3D imaging effects including;


3D EventPod and FXimagePod for Pepper's Ghost (large, medium and small scale 3D projection), VisPod for small scale 3D holographic projection, real Holograms and the special effects and 3D printing process, Lenticular plus 3D content creation for all our 3D systems, & effects


New "Video Hologram" system

New "Video Hologram" system

Video projection onto a special "photonic reactive" (invisible to the eye) mesh screen.  We used a 15k video projector to generate the 3D "Holographic type" effects


This is a new product ideal for both indoor and outdoor events and installations. Please see RoofTopHoloPod

Specialists in the use of "glasses free" 3D

for the Corporate and Entertainment sectors

A short video overview of the various glasses free 3D systems available from iC3DsFX

Darwin hologram installation for English Heritage
Charles Darwin hologram and BBC reporter

BBC reporter sitting next to the Darwin hologram

Charles Darwin hologram and BBC reporter

Pepper's Ghost - 3D projection system installation

Darwin Hologram - Produced for English Heritage for installation at Down House

State of the Art 3D projection systems, 3D effects & techniques, 3D marketing and entertainment solutions 

We have an excellent understanding of all things 3D & our offering is backed by more than 30 years experience of working in the 3D market place


We have the knowledge and experience to offer you the right 3D solution and at the best possible price available.  


Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email with your questions or request for further information


To go to our contacts page, please click here

We are the 3D ideas company, offering you the very best in 3D visual communication techniques & system technologies



Please see our "About" and our "Why Use iC3DsFX" pages 

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