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3D Content Creation - Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)

We have a dedicated team of computer generated imagery (CGI) specialists available for all your 3D content requirements


We can produce 3D content for use with our 3D systems / effects or produce content for any other requirement you might have such as your CGI content for your website, brochure or advert

The above content was all produced against black.  For Pepper's Ghost and 3D holographic projection black becomes a "nothing" colour, invisible. This is important for the 3D effect to work at its best.  The black isolates the 3D content and this helps the viewer perceive the 3D effect

The use of perspective and rotation helps make the content look 3D even though in reality it is only 2D and you are viewing the video on a 2D screen.  Depth clues help the brain perceive 3D from 2D content.  Content creation is very important when making it for 3D projection systems.  Like any content creation project, it is useful to create a brief and storyboard.  Both of which we are happy to help you with

Please email or call us with your questions or to ask for further information

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