FXimagePod - Pepper's Ghost - A small scale 3D holographic type projection system

The FXimagePod range of 3D systems is based on the Pepper'’s Ghost 3D technique.  This 3D effect technique creates a floating 3D holographic type image inside the system's housing with a 120 to 180 degree angle of view.  360 degree versions are also possible


Simple video and or complex animated CGI sequences can mixed with real objects placed inside the box to produce stunning 3D image sequences


FXimagePod is ideal for POP, instore display, exhibition stands, museums and night clubs

A small scale 3D holographic type projection system being used for an art project for the London art show Frieze

A 360 degree version of the FXimagePod 3D system

3D content creation for FXimagePod is relatively easy to produce as we can use real video, computer generated imagery (CGI) or a mix of both to generate the so called 3D hologram effects.  We can supply all your 3D content requirements or we are happy to work with your preferred supplier.  Once they have been briefed by us, they will be capable of producing the 3D content in the right way and to the correct format


Please call or email us to ask any questions you might have or to request further information and our PDF overview

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