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3D EventPod - Pepper's Ghost - A holographic "type" projection system

3D EventPod is a patented audio visual projection system capable of producing a holographic like 3D image up to 10m wide and 2m high


It is a large scale 3D display system, suitable for PR and sponsorship events, product launches, conferences, exhibitions, museums, clubs and theatrical productions.  3D EventPod can be permanently installed or just set up for a required event

Video of a 5m wide, stand alone, EventPod system being set up in the Dubai shopping mall for a Coca-Cola product tasting event.  120,000 people attented the Karaoke hologram event which featured the public singing next to a "hologram" of the famous Lebanses pop star Yara.

EventPod 5m wide 3D holographic projection system
EventPod - Pepper's Ghost - 3D holographic projection

A 5m EventPod set up for BAE system for an exhibition at the Farnborough Airshow.  A real "live" presentor is mixed with 3D holographic type content

Various EventPod projects. Please click the photos for details

This version of the Pepper's Ghost 3D projection system is easy to set up and move around for events.  It is low cost compared to other systems currently available to hire or install.  Unlike other solutions, the special reflective foil mirror required for the 3D effect to work can be re used a number of times.  This keeps the cost down for multiple use touring projects.  3D EventPod is a flexible system which is suitable for multiple large scale applications.  It will provide you with life sized 3D projections of people and is ideal for product demonstrations.  The 3D effect is very engaging and is guaranteed to create great standout for your project


3D content creation for Pepper's Ghost is relatively easy to produce as we can use real video, computer generated imagery (CGI) or a mix of both to generate the so called 3D hologram effects.  We can supply all your 3D content requirements or we are happy to work with your preferred supplier.  Once they have been briefed by us, they will be capable of producing the 3D content in the right way and to the correct format

Please email or call us with your questions or to ask us for further information and our PDF overview


Please also see our smaller Pepper's Ghost display system FXimagePod

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