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Videos of glasses free 3D systems, effects and techniques

Videos showing the Pepper's Ghost 3D projection technique in action.  Real person on the left and a hologram type projection on the right

Exhibition system for BAE systems.  Real presenter mixed with hologram type content

Pepper's Ghost system being used for an exhibition.  "AirTouch control of the 3D content is possible with 3D EventPod

Video showing the Pepper's Ghost 3D projection technique in action.  BBC reporter sitting next the to "Darwin Hologram" for the launch of the system at Down house in Kent

Four videos of the VisPod 3D holographic projection system 

Video shows a projection of a person 15cm tall for an art project.  

The Coca-Cola video show a real Coke bottle with 3D content overlayed around it

CGI content videos for the VisPod system.  Note the use of black all around the content.  This isolates the content and is required for the content to work to its maximum effect on the VisPod system.  For Pepper's Ghost content, black is also used to acheive the 3D effect

Our content creation specialists are happy to quote for any content required for your 3D project or we can work with your preferred supplier.  Content for our 3D systems is relatively easy to produce and does not cost more than conventional content to produce


Please see our 3D content creation page

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