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VisPod - A 3D holographic projection system

VisPod is one of the best 3D projection technologies currently available.  The 3D image actually floats out into free space so you feel you can touch the 3D projection.  The system projects a holographic type 3D image up to 90cm out from the screen of the system. 


3D image sizes up to 30cm.  Video effects, video mixed with computer generated imagery (CGI) or just CGI can be originated and projected into free space

                 VisPod HL40 in standard housing                                                                       VisPod HL17 in a customised housing

VisPod HL17 system in standard housing
VisPod exhibition system for Rolls-Royce
Burger King VisPod instore system

VisPod HL17 in standard housing                VisPod HL40 being used on the Rolls-Royce exhibition stand                                                                                                                                           

VisPod HL17 in customed housing

Various VisPod projects

VisPod - How it works

VisPod projects a 3D holographic type image into free space.  The 3D image is generated on an LCD monitor which is controlled by a mini, Windows based, computer (media player).  


The original LCD content is reflected via a Pepper's ghost mirror onto a concave optic which focuses the image out into free space in front of the system.  


The original LCD video content is made with a black background.  This isolates the content which helps the 3D effect. Content creation is relatively easy to produce, real video and or computer graphics can be used

VisPod 3D content - Note the black all around the actual content

VisPod is one of the few 3D systems where you can actually reach out and try and touch the 3D effects.  This "touch me" effect add an extra level of magic  


Please call or email us to ask for our special demo system purchase prices

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