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Lenticular - A special effects printing process


Lenticular is a dynamic, special effects printing process which doesn't need any special lighting to view the 3D or special effects


As far back as the late 1600’s, artists experimented with various techniques to create the optical illusion of 3D on a flat surface. In 1692, French painter Gois-Clair discovered he could achieve a multi-dimensional effect on canvas by interposing a grid of vertical laths between the viewer and the painting.


The first images to be described as "lenticular" were produced in the 1930s by Victor Anderson. By the late 1940s, Mr. Anderson's company was producing millions of simple lenticular images a year for everything from postcards of women winking at the viewer to Cracker Jack prizes, political campaign buttons and magazine inserts.


The basic process used to produce these lenticular images was quite simple: the printer first printed the image on paper, then laminated that paper to thick vinyl lens material


With modern day lenticular processes, we can produce 3D effects, 2 image flips, (left to right image changes) or multi flips (if vertical, (up and down) image changes), morph effects (suitable for vertical, (up and down) viewing), animations, and 2D/3D effects (where some elements are 3D and 2D).


Please note, we can’t show the 3D effect as your computer monitor is only 2D


The type of effect that will work best is usually determined by how the image is going to be viewed. e.g. a big poster situated where people

gather around it, would be best as a 3D image, as the viewers will have time to admire the 3D, but if people are walking past the poster, going somewhere else, then the flip effect is very good as the movement catches the eye and makes people stop to look at the poster


Hand held images work well using the morph effect and or animations / multiple image flips, (as long as they are viewed by moving the lenticular hologram up and down on the vertical axis).  3D is also good for hand held images.

Two image flip lenticular 48 sheet poster produced for an Army Ad campaign
Two image flip lenticular poster
Two image flip lenticular poster
Artist Jeff Robb with a large scale lenticular poster of the Queen

48 sheet poster produced for the army              Sony POP flip poster

3D artist Jeff Rob with a large scale 3D portrait of the Queeen which he produced for the artist Chris LeVine

1m square animated window display
1m square animated window display
1m square animated window display
1m square animated window display

A series of animated 1m square lenticular posters produced for Gucci window displays

5.5m DM dual image flip lenticulars

Produced for Pampers (P&G)

3D POP lenticular posters

Sound activated, talking 6 sheet

3D lenticular poster

Lenticulars are ideal for use instore, for window displays, POP, give aways, brochure covers and as advertising and display posters


Please email or call us with your questions or to ask for further information and our PDF overview

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