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Outdoor 3D holographic type projection

Video projection onto a special "photonic reactive" (invisible to the eye) mesh screen.  We used a 15k video projector to generate the 3D "Holographic type" effects. This is the first outdoor test of a new product which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor events and installations.  3D image size shown in the test is 5m wide by 3m but it is possible to go bigger

This is the 3rd outdoor test of our new video hologram system.  The whale is a real video hologram projection unlike the CGI simulated whale on the Magic Leap website!  



Using this new "Video hologram" technique it is now possible to project largescale rooftop holograms up to 16m by 10m high

This new 3D holographic effect is ideal for large scale rooftop displays.  The content on the system can be seen from a very wide angle


The content is relatively easy to generate as 3D computer graphics can be used.  As long as the footage rotates and is produced to the right formate it will look like a giant hologram is floating over the building.


This new system is low maintenance, relatively quick and easy to install and costs half the price of a conventional LED screen


The system can also be used for events.  The system is designed to work from dusk to dawn


Please call or email us to ask for further information about this exciting new large scale 3D effect

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