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About iC3DsFX

iC3DsFX has put together a team of glasses free 3D experts & production specialist unrivalled in the UK

iC3DsFX is London based & our team is headed up by Jon Vogel

Jon is one of Europe’s leading 3D imaging technology specialists.  In a career spanning 30 years, he has pioneered the use of 3D effects & techniques across multiple platforms including; holography, lenticular, laser projection, Laser photography, autostereograms, 3D Shadowgrams, 3D holographic projection (Pepper's Ghost 3D effect and optical 3D projection), and augmented reality 


In 1982, Jon, working with Chris LeVine (the light artist), established the UK's first holographic design agency.  Projects included producing the world’s largest glass plate hologram for Michelin tyre company, the world’s first Disney embossed holograms, Bhutan's first holographic stamp and HMV's Beatles limited addition (first ever) CD Box set (a 4" by 4" Beatles drum kit hologram was incorporated into the box).  In the late 80's Jon and his team developed a unique laser projection system.  This was used for numerous products launches & national day events for Oman, Qatar and Libya.  The iLaser Image Synth was installed as the world’s first laser based advertising system (Odeon cinema Leicester Square) 


In the 1990’s Jon was invited to form Saatchi 3D.  This was a joint venture with the world renowned advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi.  It was a world first, with 3D positioned as an integrated offering within an Ad agency.  Multi million dollar 3D projects for Saatchi's clients included campaigns for P&G, Sony, and Hewlett Packard.  Projects of note include; the UK’s first bus shelter (sound activated) 3D lenticular poster campaign (for Playtex), a number of 48 sheet 3D poster campaigns, a laser lit fibre optic 3D poster for BA, instore retail theatre ideas for Tesco, advertising on clouds using laser projection techniques, Heathrow airport 3D installations for Visa and Samsung & an award winning 3D window display for the Virgin Clothing / Selfridges


Over the last ten years, Jon has concentrated on pioneering the development and application of 3D holographic type projection systems, including the Pepper's Ghost 3D technique and optical 3D projection using the VisPod system.  In addition, he has been instamental in developing a type of augmented reality which works with 3D projection techniques, and has invented a new type of large scale (up to 20m by 10m high) video hologram which can be used for rooftop displays and events


Over the years hundreds of different 3D projects have been completed and work produced for 23 different countries around the World including; Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Colombia, Libya, Qatar, Romania, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Ecuador, Tawain, Nigeria, USA and Peru

Why Use iC3DsFX? Why use 3D are part of your marketing mix? -  Please click here

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