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Why use iC3DsFX? 

iC3DsFX is an independent 3D production company, offering a wide selection of 3D system, effects and techniques.  This is backed with 30 years of 3D design & production expertise


After discussing your requirements, and determining your brief, we will make recommendations for the best 3D process or processes for your project


We do not manufacture all the products we offer, but we do work with the best manufacturers in the business.  To keep your production costs as low as possible, we will give you direct manufacturing pricing and where appropriate we will introduce you to the manufacturer so you can deal directly with them


If required, we will project manage your 3D production and supply all your 3D content


Our primary role is to educate you about the technology and 3D effects available to use for your project/s, supply you with great 3D ideas and help you manage the process from brief to production / installation


Why use 3D?

iC3DsFX 3D floor graphic

3D will create fantastic standout, engage the consumer and make them spend longer with the brand message 


Traditional marketing tools are struggling to break through the ever increasing & cluttered advertising environment


3D will break through the clutter and give you out standing results for both increased sales and brand building

iC3DsFX 3D floor graphic

Please see our various 3D systems and effects by clicking the following links; 3D EventPod, FXimagePod, VisPod, RoofTopHoloPod, Holograms and Lenticular

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